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Gingerline has spent the last 12 years designing, producing and delivering critically acclaimed immersive dining shows. Our shows fall into two main categories - Major Productions, which are site specific, and more adaptable, Tour-able Shows, which are perfect for moving around countries or regions.

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dqs 2021-07-20 014233.997.JPG

Major Productions

Gingerline has designed and crafted two, unique headline productions - The Grand Expedition and Chambers of Flavour (a series of four unique shows).

Due to the level technical design and build behind these shows, they are best suited for long term installations sites, where initial investment can be returned over a medium to long term show run.


Tour-able Productions

Alongside our major productions, we have a further catalogue of immersive dining shows, which can be site specific or more easily toured around regions, countries or the globe!

From the whimsical fairytale of Once Upon a Gingerline to the decadently disturbing opera that is Madame Gingerline, all the retro fun of TV Dinners, and the 'bring out the school kid in all of us' Faculty of Eat-U-Cation, there is something for everyone.


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