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Major Productions

Gingerline is licensing two, unique headline productions - The Grand Expedition and Chambers of Flavour (a series of four individual shows). 

The Grand Expedition

The Grand Expedition uses the power of projection, set design and choreography to transport the audience to five regions around the world. Sitting in beautifully crafted hot air balloons, the diner goes on a journey through food, dance, music and mood and the world changes with each new destination.


Chambers of Flavour

Travellers step into a steam punk machine and explore the Multi-Verse, a collection of rooms and scenes with a finely tuned course in each, as they endeavour to win a challenge, find a missing explorer or solve a riddle.

Gingerline's longest running show, which saw four complete transformations during its time, Chambers of Flavour pioneered the multi-room dining format.


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